its our time!!!
We've had enough and we found the courage to speak up.  Now here we are in the midst of a movement that many of us thought we would never see.  We've found our voice and we are boldly taking a stand.
But what's next?  
how do we ensure that the movement is sustained?
it's time to do something radical... 
more radical than anything we have ever done
Jane Breeze has practiced yoga for 25 years and Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur tortor tellus, lobortis quis dui quis, pulvinar semper sapien. Sed pharetra imperdiet orci sed sollicitudin. Integer neque dui, semper ac dui ut, laoreet pellentesque urna. Duis eu nunc et nisl egestas condimentum. Proin pretium, sem eget ornare accumsan, lacus arcu accumsan elit, ac tempus velit velit malesuada leo. Cras massa dolor, feugiat luctus consectetur ac, efficitur scelerisque augue. 
be one of the first to join a different type of movement....  
a movement that will change the landscape of how women experience life forever
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