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PrintAs a living testimony of the painful effects of trauma and the often scary, yet empowering journey of healing, I was inspired to found Survivors To Alivers in June of 2009. Our original focus was sexual violence survivors but as I began to share my story publicly and speak with people after presenting at various events, I found that others could relate closely with my emotional journey whether they had experienced sexual violence or not. This prompted me to begin to reflect on various clients I had worked with in the past as a Social Worker and research trauma in general. I discovered that the long-term journey of all trauma survivors is similar. I also know from my own personal experience that there aren’t
many resources for trauma survivors who have made it beyond initial emergency stages but are still struggling with and feeling the effects of their trauma, even years later.
LizSpeaking (2)These discoveries led me to expand the mission of Survivors To Alivers to provide healing centered programs and services to all trauma survivors.

Survivors to Alivers offers the very first community healing online model, personal coaching, and public speaking engagements.  The online community model uses the steps outlined in my book, therapeutic journaling, and professional support to complete the healing processes.  We also use our healing Exchange and Support Tank as vessels for community based healing through the feedback and support of others going through similar struggles.  Click here to begin your healing process.

To all others, I extend great thanks for your support of Survivors To Alivers and those we serve.


Elizabeth Joy, LSW

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