The Aliver Healing Exchange Support Group

The Healing Exchange is a live-streamed online gathering facilitated by a Survivors To Alivers staff member which encourages discussions related to members’ experiences working through the Six-Stage healing model. Participation in the Healing Exchange offers an opportunity to discuss questions, challenges, concerns, and general thoughts related to the journey of healing. It is designed to encourage the development of courage and confidence through the comradery offered in a group setting. It is offered weekly and lasts for one hour.

These sessions are not scripted and topics are decided on by members as the session unfolds. As a result, no two sessions are the same. Additionally, as you make progress in your healing, your viewpoint and perspective will change. Participation in the Healing Exchange is encouraged throughout your journey as each encounter is a new experience.


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The Aliver Healing Exchange includes a general support group as well as trauma and topic specific groups. Groups are one hour long and feature participation in a support group facilitated by an S2A team member. Participants will have video, audio, and chat options for an interactive experience.btnGetConnected_up

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